İngilizce online testi 5

Bu testte 15 soru vardır. Cevaplama süresi 20 dakikadır.

1. If you keep on _________ , you will find that you can solve

this equation.

a) try

b) trying

c) your trying

d) to try

2. Arthur Milton has quit his job because his boss refused ________

a)to rise his salary

b)to raise his salary

c)giving to him a raise

d)rising his salary

3. Barrow, Alaska ________ the northernmost town in the United States.

a) is

b) where

c) that

d) as

4. Handwriting comparisons to detect forgeries usually test the dubious signature against three genvine

samples, because ________ two writing samples are completely identical.

a) never

b) not

c) no

d) none

5. A serious border dispute between the two countries

was settled without __________

a) any hostility or people to be killed.

b) anyone fighting or dying on its account

c) any people fighting or death

d) any hostility or bloodshed

6. Susan feels that she studied so hard _________ well on the test.

a) that she must have done

b) that she must to do

c) to have done

d) that she should had done

7. In my opinion, Bob's work shous no talent for drawing,

but I ________ be wrong.

a) could

b) must

c) have to

d) can

8. Larry waited at the corner of Washington and Elm, but he should ________ at the corner of Washington and Forest.

a) waited

b) have waited

c) to wait

d) wait

9. San Francisco is usually cool in the summer, but Los Angeles ________

a) is rarely

b) rarely is

c) scarcely is

d) hardly is

10. It is possible __________ within broad limits the spread of

crop plants and forming techniques around the world.

a) archaeologists to trace

b) for archaeologists to trace

c) the tracing by archaeologists

d) to trace for archaeologists

11. Even if a person suffers from severe amnesia

his short-term memory _________ affected.

a) wouldn't have been

b) isn't

c) not be

d) hadn't been

12. Because even the largest libraries can contain only

a fraction of the world's publications, __________

offered by libraries is the interlibrary loan.

a) one of the most important services

b) one most important services

c) that is the most important service

d) the service is the most important

13. Nutritionists aren't sure how much _________ every day,

so they haven't set a minimum daily requirement.

a) does the body need of manganese

b) the body needs of manganese

c) manganese the body needs

d) manganese does the body need

14. _________ in a seemingly endless war, the army was forced to reevaluate the situation.

a) 50.000 soldiers lost

b) having lost over 50.000 soldiers

c) because of lost 50.000 soldiers

d) since the lost of 50.000 soldiers

15. Tenpins is by far the most popular type of bowling

in the United States, ________ in a few places on

the East Coast, duckpins and candlepins are more popular.

a) and

b) thus

c) except

d) but


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