İngilizce online testi 6

1. There is ___________ in the room.
a) somebody b) anybody c) anything d) anywhere

2. There isn't _________ in the room.
a) somebody b) anybody c) something d) anywhere

3. There is _________ on the table.
a) anywhere b) something c) anybody d) somewhere

4. There isn't _____ on the table.
a) anywhere b) anything c) something d) anywhere

5. My key is _________ in the room.
a) somebody b) anybody c) somewhere d) anywhere

6. I don't know ________ in Antakya.
a) somewhere b) somebody c) anything d) anywhere

7. There is _____________ for you in the parcel.
a) something b) somebody c) somewhere d) anywhere

8.There isn't __________ in the parcel.
a) anything b) something c) anywhere d) somewhere

9. My cat was ________ in the house.
a) anything b) anywhere c) somewhere d) anybody

10. I can't find my cat ________ in the house.
a) something b) anything c) somewhere d) anywhere

11. I think, there is _______ in the kitchen.
a) anywhere b) somewhere c) anything d) somebody

12. There isn't _________ in the kitchen.
a) somebody b) something c) anything d) anybody

13. _______ you see somebody in the classroom yesterday?
a) Do b) Did c) Is d) Are

14. I _______ see anybody in the garden.
a) did b) didn't c) are d) aren't

15. ________ there something wrong with my watch?
a) Are b) Am c) Is d) Did

16. I _______ see anything wrong, can you?
a) am b) are c) can d) can not

17. I am hungry. _________ you got something to eat?
a) Has b) Did c) Have d) Do

18. There _______ something to eat in the fridge.
a) are b) have c) did d) is

19. There ______anything to drink in the fridge.
a) is b) are c) isn't d) didn't

20. ________ you know somewhere in Antakya?
a) Did b) Do c) Are d) Have

21. My friend _________ know anywhere in Antakya, does he?
a) did b) didn't c) do d) doesn't

22. Let us _________ somewhere to have a drink.
a) come b) came c) went d) go

23. ______ you buy something at the supermarket?
a) Do b) Are c) Have d) Did

24. My mother ______ buy anything, did she?
a) did b) do c) don't d) didn't

25. Naim _______ something from supermarket yesterday, didn't he?
a) buy b) go c) went d) bought


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