4. Sınıf ingilizce 1. Ünite Testi Soruları

4. Sınıf ingilizce 1. Ünite Testi

1.My name _______ Ayşen. I _______ Ayşen.

2.How _______ you today?

3.A: What is _______ name?
B: _______ name is Serkan.

4._______ am Türkan.

5.Our names _______ Yasemin and Tuğba.

6.A: Who are they?
B: They _______ my friends Ayşe and Fatma.

7._______ the window, please!

8.four x two = ?

9.A: Is she your mother?
B: No, she isn’t _______.

10.A: What’s his name?
B: _______.
answers:1-A       2-C         3-C           4-B       5-C                   6-B             7-B          8-D  9-B            10-B


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